Simplify your social media communications

Choose among various templates to customise with your assets and contents.
Then generate and download your video in one click

What is the goal of this projet ?

For the moment, templates are not very generic and are branded LyonJS but we have the ambition to provide much more generic templates that could be used by anyone who wants to generate videos for all the meetups, conferences or companies that want to use them.

If you are a meetup or conference organizer and you are interested in this tool and you would like to have some help, don‘t hesitate to open a discussion on our Github and we will see what can be done.

We know it‘s a pain to generate all the communication materials for an event, so this project allows us to generate everything from configuration JSON.

We can generate MP4 videos, Gif, JPEG, PNG in a programmatic way. Some common uses:

They worked with us

Touraine Tech
Camping des Speakers
Devfest Nantes

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Open Github discussion

If you would like a showcase video for your event or if you have an idea of a new template, we can create them! All you have to do is open a discussion on our Github so that we can exchange with you about it.

You can also create your own template and showcases yourself by forking the project, like that you will have access to all the templates already in the app in addition of your customs ones.

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